Governors Bay Straw Bale House

Darren and Alice Good – Governors Bay Straw Bale House

Harley Builders were recommended to us for our 190m2 architectural multilevel hillside new build. From our first meeting Glenn and his team have been fantastic to deal with, clear straightforward communication and a well organised approach to our build, always with plenty of good humour!

Glenn was perfectly fine with me working on the site during the build and this was particularly helpful as I was there to handle any issues that came up with the build. There were a few anomalies within the architect’s design and these were always sorted out quickly. He always stayed ahead of the game and was able to spot any potential problems and have a solution before they caused a delay.

The triangle between himself, the Architect Richard Wilden and us worked exceptionally well.  Glenn’s multi-tasking was exceptional and he had a pulse on all aspects of the build at all times. He is very much a practical, hands on building company owner which is very much appreciated.  He is exceptionally knowledgeable around all aspects of building a straw bale house on the hill. The house is performing as expected. It’s very dry and warm. The plaster inside helps regulate the humidity thus eliminating condensation in the house. The macrocarpa cladding is holding its colour well and there are little to no splits.

Good Collage

Our house was a very technical build with 4 separate floor levels, a round room and lots of big macrocarpa beams. You could see the guys were really enjoying working on it, pitching an octagonal turret roof with exposed macrocarpa beams and T&G ceiling on the round room, pitching the main roof and dormers on site and carefully installing the macrocarpa board and batten cladding.

Their level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is excellent. One of the building inspectors was so impressed he said after a tour ‘Wow! I haven’t seen a house with this much craftsmanship for 5 or 6 years. It’s houses like this that made me want to become a building inspector, but they are few and far between’.

Everyone who has been to visit the house has been impressed.   Glenn could address multiple aspects of the build very easily. We were particularly pleased with his diagrams and verbal discussions around the technical facets of the build. We felt at ease asking ‘dumb’ questions and always received an in-depth and non-judgmental answer from him and his team.
Glenn is a good, honest, decent bloke.